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We were infinite

And in that moment I swear, we were infinite

I never thought this would happen to me. Or even us. Because we get all the exposure how we could feel in specific situations, from all these movies and books. I thought it was like how future worked. In time travel, if we see the future, it won’t happen. But it’s not. It’s always the same. That’s how we humans are designed to be. No matter how much we try to genetically modify ourselves, we are made by the almighty and we will be how he created. I wonder, we all feel the same feeling, these feelings never get extinct. Yet it’s the best feelings we can get. Even if it’s the riches we want, if the feeling of acquiring is not present, then there is no good in acquiring. We all do things for the feeling. We go to amusement park and thrill rides, WHY? For the feelings. Feelings are what makes us us. Honestly, I never thought I would get this feeling of missing my friends. I always thought life moves on for me. But now I realize, its always the same. No matter how much of an ass you are, you will always feel this missing them feeling when they are gone. I believe, everybody will feel this at some point of time. It will come to you and you will feel exactly the same. I feel this now but my brother felt it two years ago. When we left Saudi Arabia, where I had spent my 18 years of life, I didn’t have this feeling. Because it was not my time. My brother however, felt it then. Because it was the place he enjoyed the max. I was always with the internet and never left home. I got the same internet in India and I was happy. I didn’t miss Saudi much. I never understood why my brother kept this photo in his lockscreen, until it struck me. The same feeling he felt, struck me in the core. He was with his squad all the time and he couldn’t get it in the new place. So he felt that feeling of lost. It’s not about the place you are, It’s about the people you are with, that makes it so special. I am glad that I enjoyed the moment when we were together. I am content that the togetherness was felt through the core of my heart. Maybe I won’t express it this way. But always feel the same.

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