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Respect The Spammer

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I hate spam. Infact, we all hate spam.

But we hate the ones who do it. We all think the people who spam are useless dumb annoying shitty people. But there's a lot to learn from them. I adore people who are hated by all but still does the same. It's annoying ofcourse. But we need to learn from everybody. Every person carries upon some or the other value which we can learn if we have the mindset.

The Spammer, in all circumstances, knows that they will be hated for what they do. But they believe in something. And for that, they are willing to fight the battle they can't win. They lose the war. Nobody likes spam. But they keep repeating. Not because they want to annoy us, but they believe in spam. They believe spam can change the world. Ofcourse nobody in this busy world would dare to look their spam email folder. With all the updates of spam protection by tech giants, their life is getting harder. But still they fight. Silently they fight for what they believe.

Thanos believed in balancing everything and he fought his life for it and made it happen. After his purpose was over, he took rest until the Avengers came to take his head. He didn't speak much. Because he knew there was nothing left to talk about. He had conveyed his ideology already. He was done executing despite all odds.

If we believe in something so much, we can take any daring step to reach up.

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