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Equal To You

 “Love should be with people who are equal to you”

-Joseph {0:43:00}


They say, we must love people who are equal to us. What they don’t know is that we don’t choose whom to love, the heart does. And for the heart, everybody is equal. Heart knows no discomfort unless taught by us. Our heart is pure by default; we chose to make it dirty. Why should we alter the purest creation of the almighty for our unjust thoughts? It’s not people who are unequal. Everybody is created equal. But we humans, separate humans. It’s the most foolish things that we do. Separation is never an option. Separation works like escapism. How much we try to get farther, we got closer by heart. That’s the magic of pure heart.

We all feel that, when we get far from them by physical distance, they’ll come closer to you by heart. Is it not the most divine experience? It breaks all physical barriers. These supernatural powers are put on us to feel them. Feelings make us more human. That’s what differentiates us from the upcoming robots and AIs and whatsoever. They can never feel the way we feel.

Love everyone. The beauty of love never fades. Love the almighty. Love your parents. Love your friends. Love your life. Love the shopkeeper who always provides you with accessible basic needs. Love the vegetable vendor for always being there when you needed vegetables. Love the security guard who always stands outside in the scorching heat for your safety. Love people even if they don’t impact your life. Its life. It always comes back. Love and you’ll be loved.

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